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Hakko Soldering Irons, More Categories...

Hakko Soldering Irons

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 HAK45516P - 1100 DEG F 40W CERAMIC IRON : This is a powerful soldering iron that heats up to 1110 degress fahrenheit. It uses a ceramic heating element that gives the iron a longer service life than your usual ni..$73.10$54.83
 HAK503FV12EDP - 860 DEG F 60W WIRE WOUND IRON : 860 DEG F 60W WIRE WOUND IRON$21.95$16.46
 HAK599029P - Soldering Iron Replacement Tip Cleaner : This tip cleaner is made from coils of brass. It cleans without water! Simply plunge (stab) the iron tip into the coils to clean the tip...$7.59$5.69
 HAK900LT32DP - 3.2MM CHISEL TIP FOR # 93610 : 3.2MM CHISEL TIP FOR # 93610$11.87$8.90
 HAK900LTS1P - 5.6MM TIP FOR 900L/908/93610 : 5.6MM TIP FOR 900L/908/93610$12.19$9.14
 HAK900MTRP - 3.2MM TIP FOR # 900M/907/913 : 3.2MM TIP FOR # 900M/907/913$14.81$11.11
 HAK93613P - ESD-Safe Soldering Station w/ Adjustable Temp. : This is a soldering station for controlling the temperature of your iron. It has a range of 392-896 degrees fahrenheit and can maintain an idle temperature within 1.8 deg..$149.00$111.75
 HAKC1149 - LARGE IRON FOR 908,936 WHITE : LARGE IRON FOR 908,936 WHITE$117.39$88.04

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