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PRO147400 - Nemesis 200mm Body BuyNow

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Webster describes a nĕm`sĭs as 1: the Greek goddess of retributive justice. 2a: one that inflicts retribution or vengeance. b: a formidable and usually victorious rival or opponent. 3: an act or effect of retribution.

Quite simply, its designed to beat up on the competition. It's race proven shape enhances the handling of all popular 200mm sedan chassis and it looks pretty mean to boot. Stable yet nimble.


  • One Nemesis 200mm body made of light durable .030 lexan with protective film
  • Window masks, a race inspired decal sheet, and an add-on wing with inner spill plates and mounting hardware


  • Designed to push the boundaries of the R/C market
  • A 50/50 aerodynamic feel for the optimum in performance


  • Body scissors
  • Body paint

Body Dimensions: 16-1/2" Long, 7-7/8" Wide, 4" Tall

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