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PRO902011 - Knuckles 2.0 M2 1:8 Tires/White Dish Wheels BuyNow

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With so much attention paid to car set-up coupled with a multiple number of tire patterns to choose from, why waste time mounting tires? Well look no further. This pre-mount combines two Knuckles 2.0 M2 1:8 tires with two white Velocity dish wheels. Having a pre-mount allows more time for tuning and is adhered with an ultra-bond CA for a secure, worry free bond.


  • Two Pre-Mounted Knuckles 2.0 M2 1:8 buggy tires w/ white Velocity dish wheels
  • Installed foam inserts


  • Hold-up under the most extreme conditions
  • Tires are made of M2 compound
  • Time effective (no more gluing)
  • Fits 1:8 standard buggy for front or rear use

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